What Is Social Networking?

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Social networking is all about this idea of forming a network, going out and finding friends virtually online, making connections with them, and networking actually online. It refers to a broad class of web sites and services that allow you to connect with friends, family and colleagues online as well as meet people with similar interests or hobbies, etc.

Social networking is not the same approach as you would adopt on your own website or your own blog. It’s an entirely different mindset. It’s a different way of thinking and it’s a different way of getting traffic. It is all about a user-centric or user-focused experience. It’s all about the actual individual or you as a visitor rather than the website itself preaching to people. It’s about information being pulled rather than pushing information which is what used to happen.

This is a new booming area for the internet marketer to get free traffic. There are really four main types of social networking sites. They are:

1. Communities.

2. Libraries

3. Notice boards

4. Video sharing

They will be detailed in my next post.

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