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Two important types of content are emphasized in the Michael Cheney’s coaching program. They are Personal Content and Professional Content. In this post, we will focus on the first type of content – Personal Content.

What is personal content? As the name suggests, it is about you. It is written by you about you. Personal content is unique. It should be real story and experience about you. You do not need to have an amazing story. You do not need to have survived a skydiving incident, or whatever. It is just you; what is happened to you and what is brought you to where you are right now. It does not need to hide away from that. It has got to be about you and it has got to be written in your style; in your voice. It should be something that people would read. That is what makes you unique. It is what people are going to remember when they start seeing your name and your face all over the place. So get comfortable with being who you are as an internet marketer; be truthful; be open; be transparent.

That does not mean that personal content has got nothing to do with internet marketing. You can write internet marketing content and still keep it very personal.

How else can you make your content unique and make your whole message unique when you start getting into creating a lot of this stuff? You can start from your domain name registration. Go and buy your domain name, If you can not get then try to get or or, or something like that. Choose something that is very easy to remember. That is something else you can use to make sure you are keeping things personal. For you to separate yourself from everyone else and be a top internet marketer and start making big money, you can put your name out there, put your photo out there, and be yourself. Put it wherever you can on the Internet, and certainly with everything that you are doing, the effort you are creating. You do not need to do all that if you do not want to.

The time and energy that you invest into creating personal content is going to come back and pay you time and time again. If nothing else, be creating content every single day.

You can create a journal or a diary using your blog and just start making a regular post to it. There is no bad form of content. Anything that is words that have come out of your mind is great content. You will see people blogging about anything and everything, even on an Internet marketing blog.

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