Content is Traffic and Money

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Traffic comes from content. The more content you can put out in your websites or blogs, the more you’re going to be found in the search engines and the more people are going to visit your site and the more money you’re going to make.

Everything you are doing online can be content. The actual information on the Internet – the words, the images, the videos, the audio files – all of that stuff is content. Without content you are not going to get traffic. Without traffic you are not going to get sales.

When you are thinking about content you are got to have quality content. It is not just any old content. You have got to make sure you have got high frequency of content; you have got to make sure your content is consistent; you have got to make sure it is entertaining and you are got to make sure it is personal and it is real.

Please do not worry so much about the phrase on quality content. You can really create quality content pretty much out of nothing. You don’t need to be spending a lot of time or really trying hard to create content. It doesn’t need to be professional or anything like that. It is something that flows very easily once you know the right tactics. It just needs to be from you. Ultimately you’re going to have to find something that you enjoy, a method you enjoy, for creating content. It might be writing articles, it might be creating a video; it might be recording your voice. You’re going to have to find a way of doing that.

Types of content

1. Your story

Everybody has a story that is worth telling as to why you are actually on the Internet and why you are doing this; what you are on the internet and what you are doing; and how you are on the internet and how you are doing.

2. Review article

You can make a review on a book, an event, and anything you are interested in, but do not make the review article like ads.

3. Tutorial or how to

The step-by-step tutorial is a high demanding material on the internet. You can give them out as text information or video, audio format.

4. Tools and resources

What are the tools and resources you use? How do they help you to do your work? It might be very helpful to others.

5. list of tips

Any tips useful to you might be also beneficial to others. Just list them out. It is easy work.

6. Question and Answer

You can ask a question in your post or ask people’s opinions first and then give them an answer or recommendation. It encourages interaction.

7. Free gift

Give a brief introduction to your free gift.

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