Launching A Downloadable Information Product

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A downloadable information product can be in form of ebook, ecourse, video, audio and software. Launching such a product on internet is very essential to a successful internet marketer. However, you must make sure every setting is correct; otherwise, you will make your effort in vain.

Thank Michael Cheney for his generosity and giving us four ready-made information products, making us fast to lift the curtain on information product launching even without our own product. One of them is a money-making product including a complete website, the professionally written salesletter, the images and all the files. Others are three additional ready-made products to sell as our own, including the professional salesletters, all the product files and all the branding and images.

Following the clear video instruction in the coaching member area, I set up the four product websites as follows:

1. Affiliate Milllion

2. Traffic tactics

3. Cash Creators

4. Fortune with 500

Through the direct setting practice, I got the first experience on it and would like to share with you what I learn.

Essential files for a launching

A complete website on a downloadable information product is composed of the following essential files:

  • A salesletter
  • A “Buy Now” button created for salesletter (Paypal or others)
  • Your product file
  • Thank you/Download page (link to your product file)
  • Email confirmation/Download page (optional)

All the files shall be uploaded to the domain location designated by your hosting provider. Of course, you need to register a domain name and get a hosting service in advance.

Creating a ‘Buy Now’ button

You must create a valid “Buy Now” button used for your salesletter to get your money when having a sale. It is easy to do it if you have a Paypal account (free to create). The key point is to fill a correct URL in the place of ‘Successful Payment URL’. The link is as

The default image for the ‘Buy Now’ button is in size of 122×47 maximum. Compared to the text and pictures of the sales letter, the ‘Buy Now’ button with size of 122×47 is slightly small. If you want a larger button, you can use your own “Buy Now’ button image instead, and will need to:

  • Save an image to your PC
  • Upload it to your website
  • Create the ‘Buy Now’ button code again inserting the web address where that image is located.

Protect you download link

The download link is the door of your treasure (product) room. You’ve spent so much precious time and energy creating amazing ebooks and information products that you want to make sure they are protected when you put them online. If you do not, there’s a very good chance that a lot of your hard-earned dollars will end up in somebody else’s pocket!

There are plenty of things that you can do to protect yourself from free downloading or stealing. But the most practical measures are as follows:

  • You can protect the folder just by setting/renaming the product file to something random like “d98db398fb”. This will be 99.9% fine.
  • If you wanted to be even more secure you could go into your CPanel and create a username and password for the member’s folder and then give your buyers that username and password. You give them it by sending them to a newly-created page (by you) that tells them the username and password.

And there were so many software programs to choose for this purpose. But they all seem to have drawbacks – making the process complicated and likely not being able to print the ebook out sometime

You are very welcome to post your questions and comments.