How To Set Up Social Sites Correctly And Win Social Marketing War

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Nowadays people use social sites not only to meet friends and colleagues online, but to get free traffic from them. You know how important traffic is to the life of your website? Of course you do.

But it is not the same approach as you would adopt on your own website or your own blog. It’s an entirely different mindset. It’s a different way of thinking and it’s a different way of getting traffic. It is all about a user-centric or user-focused experience. It’s all about the actual individual or you as a visitor rather than the website itself preaching to people. It’s about information being pulled rather than pushing information which is what used to happen.

How? It is called as Social Marketing!

People call it social marketing, web 2.0 or new age marketing but the fact of the matter is this – you need to be using the social marketing websites to your advantage because there’s tons of free traffic to be had from them.

The big names like MySpace, Facebook, Twitter and the rest are not only dominating news stories and people’s minds now but starting to play a really big part in driving traffic to marketers pages online. The problem is those social sites don’t like marketers! It’s true! You have to be careful when you are using them that you don’t get banned or caught out. The key is to adopt this simple “4 H’s” approach;

Have fun
Help people

As long as you can inject a little piece of humor into your social marketing profile or even just a little piece of who you really are then you will start attracting lots of friends and widening your network.

You also need to maintain an honest approach throughout. No point uploading photos to your profile of P Diddy or Pamela Anderson pretending they’re. People want to get to know you so be honest.

Have fun! That’s one of the great things about social marketing is that you can have lots of fun doing it. Meeting new people, learning new stuff and making money from the traffic that you get from it all at the same time.

Also remember to help people. The more you can help people the more they will help you in return. So add useful links and recommendations to your profiles. Point people in the right direction and answer any questions people post on your profile or contact you with.


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