Borrow Traffic – Second Way To Get Traffic

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There are only three ways of getting traffic. They are “Buy It”, “Borrow It” or “Create It”. This post will focus on the second way – “Borrow Traffic”.

2. Borrow It

You can buy traffic but also you can borrow it. What is borrowing it about? Borrowing it is about doing list swaps, where people will mail out for you if you mail out for them. You can do content swaps so that you’re a guest on other people’s blogs or you give somebody else an article to put on their website and they’ll put one on your website. They do cross promos and joint venture promotions.

We see everybody mailing out about one particular product. That’s what’s called a joint venture. They promote and you give them a commission of your product. You then promote for them if that’s part of the agreement, and you give them a commission on your products and vice versa. That’s borrowing traffic.

You can’t do traffic borrowing at the beginning because you don’t have anything to leverage. You don’t have that list. You don’t have that content to actually trade. You don’t have your own product. You don’t have an existing network of contacts. You don’t have all those joint venture partners, so how are you going to borrow traffic at the beginning?

It’s like a graduation process that you need to actually go through some stages. You need to start to get traffic, build your list, and have a collection of content that you can trade with other people. People will then start saying, “Yes, I’ll take your article and I’ll put it on my website, if you put mine on yours,” and you start to build up these ways of actually leveraging.

Once you’ve done that then you get the things you can leverage. In fact, you don’t need like 10,000 people on your list to start thinking about joint ventures. You can do that with a very small list. With even a few hundred or 1,000 you can start going out and start joint venturing.

Borrowing traffic is an effective and efficient way to enhance your online business if you are capable of doing it. It’s just huge application, especially for the successful online marketers.