Buy Traffic – One Of Three Ways To Get Traffic

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There are only three ways of getting traffic. They are “Buy It”, “Borrow It” or “Create It”. This post will focus on the first way – “Buy Traffic”.

1. Buy it

The first way is to buy traffic. You can buy traffic through Google Adwords, banner advertising, ads on people’s sites, ezine ads or pay for press releases or directly buy safelists from different safelist providers.

Generally when people get onto the internet they immediately think, “Okay, I don’t know how to get traffic. I haven’t got the knowledge yet. I haven’t got a list. I haven’t got loads of people visiting my website. I haven’t got a bunch of content. I don’t know where to get traffic. I must buy traffic.” They just chuck a lot of cash at it and then get some traffic.

The bought traffic is a type of temporary one and cannot last long time. Generally they’ve just wasted a few hundred of dollars to get some traffic, but not actually make any sales out of it. However, the paid route can work really well if you’ve got the skills or if you’ve been trained by an expert.

One thing you should bear in your mind is that there are people out there who spend their life working out how to create the best ads on Google, how to advertise using these stuffs. They know that system inside out. They live and breathe that system and they build up multi-million-dollar businesses just on it. If you’ve got very little knowledge in the relevant field and without any training from an expert, it is very dangerous. You cannot beat these guys and get clicks for as cheap as they can because you don’t have the knowledge of how to use Adwords, how to create the best ads, how to split test on the ads, how to write the best headlines, where to send the ads, where to send the traffic, what to actually sell, and so on.

You can buy some safelists at beginning also. Some of them are good but some not. You must learn how to identify them. I purchased several safelists and tried them, and found VirulUrl is an effective one.