How to Feed the Hungry Search Engines

Cheney Coaching Pg, Content Creation, Traffic and Ranking Comments Off on How to Feed the Hungry Search Engines

We must know how to feed the hungry search engines if we’re trying to get ranked in them and get traffic from them. Search engines are like sharks and they need a lot of attention and feeding all the time, but they need feeding in a certain way.

What we’re going to be feeding them is obviously content in our blogs and websites. Search engines love content.

One of the first things we’ve got to do is to feed them regularly. Like sharks, they love to eat regularly and don’t just like to have one meal every month. They like to be fed little bits at a time on a regular basis and thus we’ve got to be putting content out there on a regular basis.

How often should we be updating content? Ideally we could do it once a day. We could do more than once a day if we’ve got the time and we’re able to do that. Once a week is really not enough especially at the beginning. We’ve got to be adding content on a regular basis to our blog. That’s how we’re going to get out there in the search engines.

Progressively people are going to start linking to us and coming back to our blog, and we’re going to start to build up this readership and then drive people off to our money sites. It’s not going to happen just by putting one piece of content up there every week.

The second thing is to make sure we keep the food fresh. We don’t want to be using stale mouldy food. It’s the same with content. When we’re putting content out there, keep it fresh, keep it new if we can, keep it unique and keep it up to date.

We don’t actually force-feed them. Don’t keep ramming food like hundreds and hundreds of meals down their throat every day. What this means is when it comes to content there are penalties in the search engines if we put up a lot of content on a daily basis.

The third thing is to make the food tasty. We should make our content tasty and whet their appetite. It is not just the flavour of content, not just the way that it reads. It’s got to be something that doesn’t send people to sleep, but it’s also got to have certain keywords in it and make certain keyword density in it. Generally when people go online to find something, a lot of people go to a search engine and type what they want into the search engine. If our website has content related to what they’ve typed in, we are in with a potential chance of turning up in the results of the search engine.