Blog Content Elements

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What are the main content elements to actually create your blog? Basically, there are three main content elements, including posts (text and images), links and comments. A typical blog combines all of three.

1. Posts

The first type of content is posts, which are really the main bit of content. Posts are the content that you make. Just like your post on a forum, it means you make an entry. A blog post is just like a journal or a diary entry where you go in every day. Many blogs provide commentary or news on a particular subject; others function as more personal online diaries.

It is recommended that you make your blog more personal by putting your brand on there, your photo, your name or your pen name, making it real, including your humor and your personality, putting your stamp on it, and making it so that people can read a few posts or come back a few times through a week or month and start to feel that they’re getting to know you a little bit.

You need to be making posts regularly, ideally every day, but certainly every few days you’ve got to be adding new posts of content to your blog, because they’re always going to be there and they can always get found by the search engines.

2. Links

You’ve got two main types of links. One of them is on the navigation so that they appear at the top of a blog or down the side of a blog. They’re available all the time and you can see them at all places. You wouldn’t change them often. The second type of links is actually inside the main content or post that you’re making in the blog, being links to other blogs, websites or your products.


The third type of content on a blog is comments. The ability for readers to leave comments in an interactive format is an important part of many blogs. It encourages interaction if you do a really good post or you ask a question in your post or ask people’s opinions.

People make a comment and then they’ll want to come back, visit again and see what other people are talking about or if their comment has been answered or replied to or whatever.

You are very welcome to post your questions and comments.