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The second type of content is professional content. It means it is written in a professional manner, so-called the copywriting. The typical application in the internet marketing is the sales letters. You know the long sales letters with the testimonials and it takes five minutes to scroll down and 30 minutes to read – all that type of stuff.

It is defined in Wikipedia that copywriting is the process of writing words that promote a person, business, opinion or idea. It may be used as plain text, as a radio or television advertisement, or in a variety of other media. The main purpose of writing this marketing copy or promotional text is to persuade the listener or reader to act — to buy a product or subscribe to a certain viewpoint, for instance. Alternatively, copy might also be intended to dissuade a reader from a particular belief or action.

On websites, copywriting may also refer to the methods of writing and wording used to achieve higher rankings in search engines. Often referred to as content writing, it includes the strategic placement and repetition of keywords and keyword phrases on webpages. As search engine algorithms get smarter every day, this search engine optimization (SEO) copywriting is more and more about writing for human visitors as well as for search engines, about offering fluent and readable content written in an SEO-wise manner.

A good copywriter can transform boring text into catchy and informative text that can have an immediate impact on the bottom line. Unlike a technical writer whose work is intended to inform, a copywriter is striving to persuade. For example, a copywriter would write an ad designed to sell a big-screen TV, while a technical writer would write the operating manual to tell you how to use it.

When it comes to professional content, people are spending years of their life learning how to become a professional copywriter and write content that makes people want to buy. That’s why it’s professional. They know how to create a powerful, compelling sales message for your webpage so that you can start earning money fast.

You can actually train yourself and learn how to do this. However, there are not people out there who suddenly learn how to become a copywriter and make good money from words without learning from other people, but you can do it yourself as long as you’re taking material that’s proven already. If you’re using guidance, then you can create professional content. Also you can be personal in professional content. You can add personal touches, but it’s all part of a specific formula.

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