Money Sites And Traffic Sites

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You need two main types of websites to sell your information products effectively. They are money websites and traffic websites.

What is a money website? A money website is where a product is sold and its sole purpose is to make money rather than get traffic. The site has a long salesletter consisting of a big headline at the top, all of the benefits, the testimonials and then a ‘Buy Now’ button. It doesn’t have a lot of content on it that’s going to be regularly updated. It will get some traffic but it’s not going to get traffic on its own since you cannot optimize a money site and put keywords into it.

A traffic site is something that has a lot of content on it that’s regularly updated and its major purpose is to generate and send traffic. It gets traffic like a magnet but it also fires traffic like a gun at different locations. It could send traffic off to either your own money websites or affiliate sites so that you get a commission. The best traffic sites are going to be your blogs.

Money sites are not good at getting traffic and traffic sites are not good at making money, but when you bring the two together, hey, presto! The magic comes in. A comparison between money site and traffic site is given in the following table.


The relation between money sites (product sites and affiliate sites) and a traffic site (blog) is schematically shown below:


In the diagram, these are all people down there on the Internet. These are all visitors; they’re all there and they’re attracted to your traffic site and then you send it to other places. You don’t need to send it to just one money site. You can get traffic into your traffic site and there’s nothing stopping you from sending it to multiple money sites. Each would be selling different things, or you could send it to an affiliate site.

This is really important. You might think this is basic but this is super critical. You can basically flat-out lose Internet marketing unless you get this bit right. You’re going to have a traffic website, ideally at least one; one blog. As you progress at this, maybe months down the line you might want another blog. You might have a blog just all about traffic and you create blog content all about traffic. Then you send it to traffic products; traffic-related affiliate products, or your product about traffic.

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