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Let me start my initial post on my first blog with Michael Cheney’s online coaching program launched on 26 May 2008.

“Are You Going To Be One Of The Lucky 25 People Who Grabs My Entire Million Dollar Business And Gets Blasted To Thousands Of Dollars Monthly Automatic Income?” “This is a unique, restricted opportunity, limited to Only 25 Individuals who are bold enough and dedicated to experiencing a stellar growth in their Automatic Income online at a dizzyingly high speed with a guarantee of success.” Attractive or not in the sales letter of the program? Of course. But this is not the major reason why I have joined in the program. The most attractive point from the sales letter is what I want: “You Do Need To Move Fast.” Through swimming at the sea of bombarding free information on internet and struggling to initiate my own project, I realized that I could not waste my time just like that day by day but should move fast by taking this unique coaching program run by the recognized online expert.

I Do Need It

Comparing several business opportunities, I clearly understand that the internet business is the one with the lowest risk and high profit if you do it right. In the current business environment, the rent and expenses for manpower are two killer factors to determine if the business could be successful. Rent is getting higher and higher and so does the manpower. Clearly the internet business gives us the full advantages.

Encouraged by many successful online stories, I initiated my online business exploration about 9 month ago. Like other many online fellows, I keep learning through purchasing ebooks and membership, attending seminars, joining in free teleconferences, searching internet for free information and newsletters, and reading flood promotion emails. It is supposed that I have understood something and can start my own project to earn money. However, I cannot make it when I really start to do it. There are too many ‘unsure factors’ encountered in the process. For example, every guru advises that we should have our own information products if we want a steady income and high profit. With regard to this subject, I do know:

  • importance on creating our own information products
  • information products including ebooks, videos, audios, softwares, seminars. The easiest way is to create interview audios.
  • price range for each type of information product
  • how to transfer text to pdf file
  • whole package including an attractive sales letter, payment, upselling (optional), thank page/download page, follow up, etc..

But I really do not know or clearly know:

  • how to correctly create a payment button
  • how to link payment button to my account (so important!)
  • how to prevent free downloading/ stealing
  • how to link them each other and make sure each step is correct.

Also I do know having our own website and blog are very important for our internet business, but I do not know how to set a blog friendly for search engine. Some videos show us it is a very simple process. Just for several minutes we can have our own blog or website to be set up. In fact, it is not true! The truth is we have to work hard at the beginning, make sure for each key step and build up a solid foundation for our online business.

How long will I take to know all “I Do Not Know” just through my current learning process? I really do not know. It might take me a year or few years. It is not strange in the field of online business for someone to take 2 to 5 years to master all the skills and then make real money accordingly. The “Do-not-Knows” are not just knowledge we can learn from ebooks or other information products, but they are tactics and skills we should learn directly from the experienced masters. The long learning process will be accompanied with the waste of our money and energy.

In practice, we have many choices to shorten our learning curve and expedite our business process. In no doubt, learning from the expert recognized in the relative field is the best one among all opportunities if it is affordable.

Some coaching program is too expensive and/or has unlimited members. This brings fear to both beginners and slightly higher level personnel since we do not know the program how effective to us and what results we can achieve. We fear that we just throw our money away if we could not learn something we really want at a limited time. Thus I have my clear cuts on the coaching program I choose:

  • the program should be not so expensive
  • a good teacher/instructor/coach, recognized by internet marketing area
  • direct access and help

Thank goodness, Michael Cheney’s coaching program launched just on time. It is what just I do need it.

Outline Of The Coaching Program

Major features:

  • Intensive 10-week personal coaching program, starting from 26 May 2008.
  • limited to only 25 individuals
  • coaching 25 individuals being capable of creating their own information product for sale and setting every step correctly through learning his entire million dollar business blueprint.

What we get:

  • regular weekly live shows, live hotseats, all audio recordings, written transcripts, etc.,
  • direct access to the tremendous number of resources including videos, audios and pdf files about Michael’s entire million dollar business blueprint,
  • 2 one-on-one calls every 4 weeks,
  • brainstorming, sharing ideals and help from and even JV with all the other coaches,
  • direct email to Michael for 6 months,
  • a money-making product including a complete website, the professionally written salesletter, the images, all the files – the works!
  • three additional ready-made products to sell as our own, including the professional salesletters, all the product files and all the branding and images,
  • 100,000 free ad credits to promote our new website on one of the top networks online,
  • unique opportunity to have Michael personally review our website, blog, product or whatever we want,
  • 180 pieces of professionally-written, hot-selling content.

Curriculum Outline:

  • Week #1. How To Start Making Money Fast
  • Week #2. How To Profit From Power-Selling Products
  • Week #3. How To Get Money-Making Content For Your Websites
  • Week #4. How To Get Non-Stop, Free Targeted Traffic, Part 1
  • Week #5. How To Get Non-Stop, Free Targeted Traffic, Part 2
  • Week #6. How To Get Your Own List Of Red Hot Buyers, Part 1
  • Week #7. How To Get Your Own List Of Red Hot Buyers, Part 2
  • Week #8. How To Get Your Own Hot-Selling Product, Part 1
  • Week #9. How To Get Your Own Hot-Selling Product, Part 2
  • Week #10. How To Create A Big Bang In The Market Place

What Is The Program Going On?

What is the program going on now? Could we really get something as the program planned? Let me share with you in my following posts.

You are very welcome to post your questions and comments.

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